Info about what Up or Down is

UporDown is made for people like you to check if a site is down or up.
Maybe you think, why I should check that? If I can't visit the site nobody can't. That's wrong!
When you can't visit a site it's maybe your internet who fails or your IP is blocked on that site server. With UporDown you can check if it's not just you. We check the site with our IP. So in other words, we check if the site is online on an other 'virtual pc'.

What if a site is down? Well most of the time a site is down because of a (D)DoS* attack or a server problem.

*A DoS (=Denial Of Service attack) or a DDoS (=Distributed Denial Of Service Attack) is an attack by 'hackers' they target your IP in there BotNet, RAT, etc. all these things are programs to attack a site. A (D)DoS sends packets of bytes to your sites IP, and the data traffic of your site will be overload and shut down.

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